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Messages, Texts and Tags on Images

Tags Maker is an online generator to add text to photos. Create cards, invitations, posters and more. You can use it to write quotes, sayings, messages, comments, tags or anything you want.

Just upload or select a picture, write the text and follow the steps to customize it. Our tool gives you endless possibilities!

1. Upload an Image
or Pick
a Background

Choose an image in your computer.
Click in the browse button, select the image from your hard disk and click on upload.

Upload a jpg or gif image with at least 300x150 pixels.

2. Write your Text
The text to add on the image.
The message can have up to 200 characters.

No idea? See here... Quote and Quotations | Quotes Party

3. Choose a Font
Select a font for the text.

4. Select a Color
The color of the text.
Choose light colors for a dark image or dark colors for a light image.

5. Font Size
Big or small words?
Use big sizes for texts with few words and small sizes for longer messages.

6. Text Position
Top, center or bottom.
Choose the position of your text on the image.

7. Submit