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Add Text to Images with Tags Maker

Tags Maker is an online generator to add text to image. Just upload a photo or select a background, enter the text and follow the steps to customize it.

1. Upload an Image or Pick a Background

Choose an image from your device and click on upload. Select a jpg, png or gif image of at least 200x200 pixels.

Background 0001
Background 0002
Background 0003
Background 0004
Background 0005
Background 0006
Background 0007
Background 0008
Background 0009
Background 0010
Background 0011
Background 0012
Background 0013
Background 0014
Background 0015
Background 0016
Background 0017
Background 0018
Background 0019
Background 0020
Background 0021
Background 0022
Background 0023
Background 0024
Background 0025
Background 0026
Background 0027
Background 0028
Background 0029
Background 0030
Background 0031
Background 0032
Background 0033
Background 0034
Background 0035
Background 0036
Background 0037
Background 0038
Background 0039
Background 0040

2. Enter your Text

Type or paste a text to add on the image, it can have up to 1000 characters.

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3. Choose a Font

Select a font for the text of your image.

Absolut Pro Font
Ambulance Shotgun Font
Apple Juiced Font
Bebas Font
Billo Dream Font
Blackwolf Font
Bloody Font
Broken Ghost Font
Carrington Font
Century Ghotic Font
Chunk Five Font
Cream Puff Font
Detour Dork Font
Dialtone Font
Disko Font
Flower Font
Heartbreaker Font
Hotel Coral Essex Font
Kill Switch Font
Kreon Font
Marker Monkey Font
Mode G Font
Night Sky Font
Oz Handicraft Font
Pacifico Font
Patua One Font
Planet Kosmos Font
Pusab Font
Sloe Gin Rickey Font
Souvenir Font
Space Out Font
Stamped Font
Strange World Font
Taco Modern Font
Trump Town Font
Unicorn Font
Verona Script Font
Wild Ride Font
Year 2000 Boogie Font
Zombie Noize Font

4. Select a Color

It is the color of the text. Tip: choose a light color for a dark background or a dark color for a light background.

White Color
Black Color
Dark Red Color
Light Red Color
Dark Blue Color
Light Blue Color
Dark Green Color
Light Green Color
Pink Color
Purple Color
Orange Color
Yellow Color
Light Brown Color
Dark Brown Color
Dark Gray Color
Light Gray Color

5. Font Size

The size of the font. Select a big font size for text with few words or a small font size for text with many words.

6. Text Alignment

Align the text at the top, center or bottom of the image.

Top Alignment
Middle Alignment
Bottom Alignment

7. Submit

Tags Maker is an online image editor to create tags, custom labels, personalized stickers, posters and print them later. You can type names, brands, prices, captions, quotes, messages or any text you want. Our text image online generator gives you endless possibilities.